jonathon wart and the hand of doom

jonathon wart and the hand of doom


Jonathon Wart has a crazy new scheme in mind for investing his Uncle Wart’s fortune: he wants to buy a strange-looking painting by an eccentric billionaire called “The Hand of Doom.” But the painting is not what it appears to be and serious problems arise for Jonathon and his sister Lizzie as they try to thwart their evil financial adviser Mr. Thumbs and their hostile cousin Felicia.About a young girl who is searching for something extraordinary outside the routine of her life. She finds the mystery she hopes for in the form of a captivating, squat little hovel on the outskirts of her city, which she stumbles upon while out for a bike ride during summer holidays.Author's comment: More than anything else, I like 'A Window's Silhouette' because it is me testing the waters of a new style of prose I'm looking to more fully realize in the novel I'm working on.

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